Friday, 4 April 2008

Troubles with file Thumbs.db:encryptable

Yesterday under M$ Window$ I tried to copy the folder "My Documents" to and external hard disk in order to backup the content.

After a few minutes I got the following error :
"Cannot copy Thumbs: The file exists."

I found that the problem was the file :
Thumbs.db:encryptable , 0 KB , DB:ENCRYPTABLE File

I ran chkdsk /F but it didn't found an error.

I opened an explorer and selected "Tools" then "Folder options" and in the "View" tab i activate the option "Do not cache thumbnails".

I tried again, but I got the same error.

I tried to delete the file "Thumbs.db:encryptable" (it isn't marked as a read-only) and I got the error :
"Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk"

Searching the Web I found a few programs that can work with the NTFS data streams or alternate data streams.

LADS - List Alternate Data Streams

It didn't work, I got the error :
"Error 2 opening C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.HORUS\My Documents\Thumbs.db:encryptable"

I tested the program Streams.exe by Sysinternals with the same result.

"Error opening C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.HORUS\My Documents\Thumbs.db:encryptable:
The system cannot find the file specified."

Another program ADSPY

And the last hijackthis

But it didn't show the file thumbs.db:encryptable.

At last I rebooted window$ and started Ubuntu with the package ntfs-3g installed. So I deleted the file without problem (Ripley's Believe It Or Not!)