Monday, 29 September 2008

The great yanquee millionaire will cease to be

In the year 1938 Benjamin Solari Paravicini (an argentine prophet that drew psicographs in his sleep) drew the following image in which he wrote "The great yanquee millionaire will cease to be", "Stocks fall to the floor", "Crisis Crisis".

Today after another day of global finantial loss I would like to publish this psicograph. Another of his prophecies that comes true.

Banks are shaking even without clients withdrawing their savings.
So much greed to accumulate "ones and ceroes" in the banks' computers.
Little by little they will realize the truth about their wealth.

As to the "bail-out" plan... will somebody someday think about bailing out the millions of human beings that live in misery throughout the world?

Maybe the USA will not completely fall this time,but at least they will have less money to spend on weapons and invasions. That, at least, is something to look forward to...