Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Fernando Schwarz conference in Buenos Aires - Argentina

Last August 4th I went to a conference by Fernando Schwarz about his new book :

The meeting took place in "Centro Cultural Nueva Acropolis" - Amenabar 863 from 18hs to 21hs.
Here the site of Nueva Acropolis

For those who don't know who Fernando Schwarz is, he is an anthropologist and a consultant in Egyptology. He is argentine but he lives in Paris - France, where he directed, for many years, the module of religious anthropology at the School of Anthropology of Paris ("l'Ecole d'Anthropologie de Paris"). He is the author of many works on old philosophies and civilizations, in particular on Egypt. He was a co-author of the "Egipto Revelado" Tv series for the Infinito Channel, and a co-author of the Sacred Architecture and Geography ("Architecture et Géographie Sacrée") for the French television under the direction of Julien Ries.

He introduced his last book "Egipto Invisible". "Egypt invisible for the senses, is discovered with the heart, the residence of the soul and conscience", he showed many excellent photographs. Later answered many questions and at last signed books.

When he was signing my book, I showed him a banner of the presentation of his first book "Geografia Sagrada del Antiguo Egipto" that took place more than 10 years ago in Centro Cultural San Martin. He was happy to see it again, and took a photo.
Then he wrote in my book "for a loyal reader" :-)

Today I finished reading the book, it is mainly about the Osiris Myth, the Kohiak ceremonies, and the temple of Abydos and Denderah. The book has many excellent photographs.

He isn't a classical or orthodox egyptologist. For example, he compared the seven chapels at Abydos Temple with the seven principles of Kybalion (the principal book for the Hermetic and the Thoth philosophy).

Later he introduced the concept that the famous Osirion (the temple behind the Sethy I temple at abydos) was built only for initiation ceremonies. Then he compared the initiation ceremonies from the papyrus of Leiden, Tomb of Amenhotep, and statue of Hor.

The Osirion temple is a very old one, is very different to all other temples in Egypt, the only similar temple is the one near the Sphinx in Karnak.

Here are two of my own photos. See it for yourself.

As you can see they haven't any inscriptions and are very similar in structure. They have many blocks of more than 50 tons!!!.

In my opinion, these temples are older than the classical egypthologist accept them to be. They date it as a New Kingdom temple built by Sethy I. For me they were built in the same era of the Sphinx Temple at gizeh.
Unfortunately Fernando didn't say anything about the dating of the Osirion Temple and he called it cenotaph.

It is a good book, his work about the Denderah chapels and the Abydos temple is very good and well documented.
I recommend it.

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