Thursday, 8 November 2007

Ubuntu : An african word than means "Your Solaris will be destroyed!!!"


I burned the new Ubuntu 7.10 live cd and booted from it.

I started using the system and after playing an hour I rebooted from my hard disk...

I only got a blank screen with the words : GRUB

I booted from an old 3 1/2" floppy drive and run the Norton Disk Editor 3.0 and compared the partition table

of my hard disk with a saved copy that I had in a file. Not a single byte was changed...

So the problem was inside the solaris partition.

I booted again from ubuntu Live Cd and I noticed that my solaris partition was used as SWAP!!!.

Here you can see that I have 4 gb swap partition and my partition info...

Why has Ubuntu used a partition ID "BF" (Solaris new partition) as a swap????

Maybe because Ubuntu means "Your Solaris will be destroyed!!!"

I don't want to reinstall Solaris again, I give up.
Bye Java Desktop Environment!!! :-(

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