Thursday, 29 March 2007

Buenos Aires Geek Subways

Recently in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the subway company called Metrovias installed free internet access in all the subway stations of the subways lines : B,C,D,E using wi-fi technology.

The subway system has a lot of problems : insecurity, frequent delays, doesn't have air aconditioning, few stations with elevators...

but who cares about all that if you can surf the web while you are waiting?

Another geek thing is the security emergency number. If you have a security problem, what number would you dial?

Do you said 911 or *911???

No, wrong answer... in the subway you must dial *31416...

What? did you say 3,1416? the pi (π) constant ?

Yes... You must dial π

These is the beginning... Can you image yourself quickly dialing the Avogadro, Planck or the Faraday constant?

I would like Metrovias to remove the simple elevator call button for a keypad... so in order to call the elevator you should have to type the Newtonian constant of gravitation (6.6742 ± 0.0010) x 10 -11 m3 kg-1 s-2.

Isn't it a good idea???

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