Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Solaris DVDs Finally Arrived

Yes! After two months of waiting the Solaris 10 DVDs arrived!
They came in a DVD box that containd three DVDs one for Intel, one for Sparc and one of development tools.
I installed Solaris using the downloaded cd images from Sun ftp because I didn't expect the Solaris DVDs to arrive soon as they are free and lots of people are ordering them.

If you want to order your Free Solaris Kit just follow this link :

Recently Sun added a new distribution "Solaris Express, Developer Edition". So you have to choose between :
(The following is an extract from Sun Microsystems page) :
Option 1: Sun Developer Tools and the Solaris 10 Operating System: The most advanced OS on the planet - available for no charge. With industry-leading stability, security,and scalability combined with over 600 new features, such as DTrace, you can trust your most important application deployments to Solaris 10. Includes Sun Studio and NetBeans software.

Option 2: Solaris Express, Developer Edition for x86 systems: Provides a modern desktop environment for Solaris, Java, and Web 2.0 application development. With its simplified installation experience coupled with additional support for common laptops and desktops, developers can more easily create and deploy applications for Solaris 10. Includes Sun Studio and NetBeans software.

A few days ago I played a little with Solaris trying to make any of my USB peripherals work. I used the commands :
But I couldn't make Solaris recognize any of my USB peripherals (DVD, Hard Disk, Pen Drive, Camera, Printer).
I tried mounting a cd in the laptop internal cd-rom using the mount command, but after a while I discovered that the volfs service was running, so I don't need to manually mount the drive.
Just use the "eject" command line then insert a CD and close the bay.

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