Monday, 23 April 2007


Trying to test the Vmware Workstation I started searching my Operating Systems CDs.
I found a lot of diskettes and cds that brought memories of and old era :

My first Linux Distribution came with the magazine "Solo Programadores" from February 1995, it was Slackware Linux 2.1.0.(Linux kernel 1.1.59).

My first Infomagic Linux Developer's resource from April 1996. A 6 cd set that came with the Red Hat 3.0.3 "picasso" (ELF Release) Slackware 3.0 (kernel 1.2.20) and Debian 0.93R6 (kernel 1.2.13).

Here is a picture

And my OS/2 Operating Systems 2.1 (from mid 1993) and 3.0 Warp (late 1994).

Now I'm testing some of these old systems under VMWare. I'm trying to make the OS/2 run under VMWare. I know that the OS/2 is not supported by VMWare as the VMWare site says : "given our present strategic directions and commitments, that we can support OS/2 as a guest operating system."

Anyway I will give it a shot.
I'm feeling nOStalgie for these old Operating Systems!.

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